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There is help when you need it

Don't wait; call today for a consultation or to make a referral
for individual experiencing signs or symptoms of psychosis.

If you or someone you know is...


Seeing or hearing
things that others don’t.

Having unusual thoughts, like the internet, TV, or radio is sending special messages.

Having difficulty sleeping
and having a lot more
energy or having racing thoughts.

Are these things
feeling uncomfortable
or bothering you?

You may be experiencing psychosis.

You are not alone!

Psychosis can happen for many reasons and is a lot more common than you think.

OnTrAK is a transitional program from Mat-Su Health Services, Inc. for youth and young adults living in the Mat-Su Borough between the ages of 15 and 25 who are experiencing early signs and symptoms of psychosis. Psychosis is related to how the brain processes information, can be caused by many things, and can happen to anyone.

The informative resources on this website will help you identify signs and symptoms early, answer difficult questions, as well as provide information about OnTrAK services. If you, or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of psychosis, please call the OnTrAK team. Our goal is to help identify psychosis early and create a supportive community for those youth.

OnTrAK program from Matsu Health Services: your health team photo
We are here to help.

There is help when you need it. Don’t wait; call today for a consultation or to make a referral for an individual experiencing early signs or symptoms of psychosis. Call (907) 352-3238


To schedule a presentation about the program or for information on psychosis, please call (907) 352-3238 or email